- About Us -

Cannor Nursery first opened its doors to Victoria in 1979. Over the years, the nursery has expanded to include a complete pond supply store, making it a local favourite of Gardeners and pond lovers alike. In 2007, Gord Nickel, the well-known garden celebrity, took full ownership of Cannor Nursery.

Gord Nickel’s passion for the horticultural industry is evident in everything he does. He began working for Cannor Nursery in 1980, and has since produced and hosted the acclaimed TV show “Get Up and Grow”, where he supplied practical gardening instruction to hundreds of fans. In recent years, Gord began focusing on a new project: the evolution of Cannor Nursery.

Today, Cannor Nursery is part of the Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre; a union between Cannor Nursery Victoria, Wildwood Waterscapes Design Ltd, and Wildwood Landscapes Ltd. As a team, Cannor Nursery, Wildwood Landscapes, and Wildwood Waterscapes Design can offer a service unlike any other.

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4660 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria, British Columbia